Texas Banned Abortion After 6 Weeks...And We're Pissed

If you’re not sure about what’s going on, here’s a quick summary.

Earlier in the year, the Texas Heartbeat Act was introduced to the House. According to this act, anyone who engages in or performs an abortion after the fetus has gained a heartbeat can be subject to legal action. On September 1st, 2021, this law came into effect, making it the harshest abortion law in America. 

What does the law say? 

  • Once a fetus has cardiac activity (aka a heartbeat), an abortion cannot take place. A fetus usually gains a heartbeat around the 6-week mark of gestation. 🤯
  • Cases of rape and incest are not an exception to this law. 🤯🤯
  • Those who report cases of illegal abortions can receive a “reward” of $10K. 🤯🤯🤯

Since when was it okay to put a bounty on someone’s choices about their own body?! 😫

There’s no doubt that this law is problematic in more ways than one. Many people with ovaries may not even realize they are pregnant until they are more than 6-weeks into their pregnancy. According to the Texas law, people who want an abortion must:

  1. a) find out they’re pregnant within two weeks of actually getting pregnant and 
  2. b) allot 4 weeks to figure out the logistics of how they can get an abortion. 

They can only get a legal abortion if both of these criteria are fulfilled. Now, what’s the likelihood of that happening? Little to none. 🙄  Everyone’s body is different, meaning many people with ovaries likely don’t find out they’re pregnant until past the 6-week mark.  

We might not be able to change the law, but we can stand in solidarity with the people of Texas with ovaries. 

What does that look like for us? 

With our #BC2TX (birth control to Texas) campaign, we will be sending free Aavia smart birth control pill cases to people in Texas who need it. For every case purchased, we will be matching it by sending a free case to Texas. If you’re not on birth control or you’re someone without ovaries who still wants to support this initiative, you can donate $$$ as well. For every $40 donation, we will send a free case to someone in Texas! 💜

Why do we believe in this campaign? 

Our mission is to help people with ovaries prevent unwanted pregnancies and be educated on their hormones. ✍️ While we may not be the lawmakers in Texas, we are still in a position to continue spreading our solidarity to people with ovaries everywhere. By sending a smart pill case to someone in Texas, we are increasing the efficacy of their pill by helping them to take the pill on time, and ultimately prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the first place. If you want to be apart of this mission too, here are the links you need: 

Here are some resources that we found helpful breaking down the Texas Abortion Law: 

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