It’s not just a career, it’s a calling.

Do you want to help people have a better relationship with their hormones? Are you passionate about inspiring people to take their health into their own hands? Do you wish Aavia had been around sooner? Do you want to work with a team of (actually) diverse talent? If the answer to any of the above is yes, get in touch!

Our open roles

Senior iOS Engineer (Full-time)

As a Senior iOS Engineer at Aavia, you will build and improve our product by creating and architecting new feature sets, maintaining and improving existing features, and working with our product team to create and test innovative solutions, which ultimately allow us to deliver high impact in our members’ lives. This is an opportunity to have ownership over the development of a consumer based product at a fast growing startup.

Copywriter (Part-time)

As the copywriter at Aavia, you will manifest our defined brand voice and improve our messaging for Gen Zs with ovaries. This is an opportunity to provide direction and have ownership over the messaging across multiple channels including paid media, email, SMS, website, and our mobile app.

Data Analyst (part-time or full-time)

As our first Data Analyst, you will be working with our product team to maximize the value we bring to our members through data insights, analytics, and how we reach them. You will have immense ownership over analytics tools, the way we develop data insights, monitor and support member usage, discover member trends, build predictive models, and ultimately deliver high impact in our members’ lives.

Brand Ambassador (part-time)

Are you passionate about spreading hormone health knowledge to your friends? Earn exclusive Aavia perks, 💰 with endless bonus opportunities, while advocating for better hormone health and building up your resume.

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