#BC2TX: Donate to TX

The new Texas abortion laws got us feeling 😡😤

By now, we've all probably heard about the new abortion laws in Texas that took effect in September 2021. The law reduces abortion access in Texas and will probably force many abortion clinics to ultimately close. According to the Guardian, this new law will prevent 85% of Texas women from accessing abortion care.

Why are the new Texas abortion laws particularly cruel?

  • No abortions past 6 weeks, a time when many are unaware they are pregnant (c'mon, sometimes our periods don't even come for 6 weeks!)
  • No exceptions for rape or incest
  • If a person reports anyone assisting another in getting an abortion, they can receive a reward of $10K
  • This means, if a family member rapes you, they can sue you for $10K for trying to get an abortion. Let that sink in.

What is Aavia doing to help?

With abortion being banned in TX, it's more important than ever to take your pill on time, especially if you take it for contraception purposes.

That's why with every non-TX purchase of the smart pill case, we're donating one smart pill case to someone in TX. 

What if I don't need a smart pill case but I still want to support?

You can still so by donating here! With every $40 donation, we'll also ship a free case to someone in TX for free.

What if I'm from TX?

Verify that you're from TX and get a free case by filling out this form below 👇

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