Make your bad days better

Aavia is a daily app that helps you track & understand how your hormones impact your life. For people with ovaries. 

Your hormones impact everything, from mood and sex drive to quality of sleep and risk of injury. 

Aavia uses data-driven and science-backed insights to tell you when to expect mood swings, low energy, cramps, and more to help make your bad days better. Take 1 minute a day to swipe and unlock personalized insights into your cycle, with recommendations on how to feel your best.

Be your own best advocate

The more your log, the smarter your Trends get. Share with your doctor for better care.

Learn about your cycle in a few swipes

Track your mood, period, sleep, symptoms, and more.

Connect with our community

No question is too embarrassing in our forum.

Your body is your business

Aavia will never share or sell your personal data. Sign in anonymously and wipe your data, no questions asked.

Level Up With Aavia VIP

More energy, faster recovery, and better days, so you can keep up with the things you love.

VIP content tells you the best times to work out, schedule date night or study group, and to prioritize good-for-you nutrients to beat cramps, low energy, mood swings, and more.

Hear from our members

"I love it. Fangirling. This is exactly what I need. I'm always googling these things and can never find an answer."

- Aavia member, 21

"I downloaded this app expecting something like this. I like what is already there, so i'm really happy you're implementing this planner feature. Super educational"

- Aavia member, 26

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