Dates for Each Phase of Your Hormone Cycle

We know that our hormones impact EVERYTHING, from our mood and energy to even impacting our relationships. By telling our partner about our cycle, we can help nurture our relationships. Here's a breakdown of the different phases and date ideas for each part of your cycle. Enjoy!

ON YOUR PERIOD (follicular) 🩸

vibes: lower energy, maybe a little crampy, craving cuddlesssss

date ideas: picnic, homemade dinner, movie night

WEEK AFTER PERIOD (follicular) 🤩

vibes: higher energy, sociable, let's have FUN!

date ideas: drinks + appetizers + concert, double dates, dancing


vibes: feeling spicy, good energy, let's explore the town!!

date ideas: event in your city, get dressed up, fancy dinner


vibes: low energy, moodier, let's just chill please

date ideas: couples massage, cookie making, deep talks

pro tip: send this to your partner with your hormonoscope to help teach them about your cycle!