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Who we are

Aavia is a customer-loved hormone health brand creating a world where people use the power of their individual hormone cycle to optimize their potential in all aspects of life. Today, our members are typically 18-24 years old, are impacted by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, or acne, have anxiety or depression, and believe no one cares about their health journey. In fact, only 20% of health research is done on people with uteruses because it’s deemed that “their cycles are too complicated.” 🤯 If that blows your mind and you are ready to make a change for generations to come, join us!

Aavia was started out of MIT by a customer-focused MBA, Product Designer, and Electrical Engineer, all fired up by their personal and professional healthcare experiences. Our current products include a health app that provides personalized education, cycle trends, and actionable insights and a patented smart birth control pill case that ensures members take their pill on time, every time.

We are backed by consumer and health tech venture capitalists and operator angel investors, most of whom are impressive founders and many who have led product, marketing, branding, design, and health organizations. 

We’re scaling quickly and excited to grow the team with individuals who are passionate about inspiring and empowering people to take on their health and life with confidence. We are an equal opportunity employer and want to represent the people we serve - we are proud that our team currently has a 50/50 gender split and our member base is more diverse than the US population. 

Our open roles

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