Your Health and Safety Has Always Been Our Top Priority

When my cofounders and I started Aavia, we wanted to benefit people with the hormonal insights we didn’t have growing up. From Day 1, our intentions have always been to help our members. 

We’ve prioritized that above all else, and will continue to. Your individual health information is secure at Aavia, and I am committed to reevaluating our practices regularly to keep that promise. 

In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court leak and subsequent Dobbs ruling striking down Roe, my team and I have shared in what you’ve felt - shock, hurt, and disbelief. When reproductive autonomy is called into question, it’s scary.

After reflecting and processing as a team, we quickly decided that actions speak much louder than words. We have committed to revisiting our security practices, taking a long and hard look at how your data exists within Aavia. These practices take time; I will share updates with you regularly.

Before the overturn occurred, we invested capital into engaging a security firm to audit our privacy practices. We’re also actively collaborating with our legal team to ensure we’re the safest health app in the market.

You can find our privacy policy, including a simple terms version, here. If at any time you have suggestions, questions, concerns, or just want to talk, please reach out via the chat function in your Aavia app or at

We know that hormone health is the future - and it’s an honor to continue building that future alongside you. Thank you for your trust in us. I promise to continue ensuring Aavia is your secure, safe, and trusted health platform. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, our intentions remain the same - to improve the lives of our members.

All my best,

Aagya Mathur

CEO & Cofounder, Aavia