Productivity and Periods 💡🩸

It’s no secret that periods come with PMS. As people who get their periods, we are often caught holding our breath for the familiar symptoms typically associated with our period to rumble in. The good news here is that the downs 👎 of our cycles are equally met with the ups ☀️. You just have to know when and where to spot them. 

Take productivity for example. Due to varying hormones during our cycles, productivity has its peaks and valleys.

If you track your cycle and tune into what your body is trying to tell you, you might just crack the code to peak productivity. 

Below we’ve outlined a map to productivity throughout your cycle — when to keep typing away and when to throw in the towel and save it for another day. 

Menstruation 🩸

Menstruation lasts from the first day you start bleeding until the very last. During this period of time your hormones are taking a massive hit as estrogen and progesterone levels drop. That means your energy, motivation and productivity will be at an all time low. This is the perfect place in your cycle to put down the pen and give yourself some TLC. Slow down. Go to sleep. Do all the self-care things you said you’d do last week when you were in your productivity peak. Whatever you do, don’t force it. Go with the 〰️ flow 〰️.

The Follicular Phase 💡

The follicular phase lasts between 10 to 22 days from the beginning of your period until ovulation. During this time, estrogen levels will begin to rise and your productivity will too!

Many doctors cite the follicular phase as a person’s superhuman time period during their cycle. 

You might notice that you’re feeling like the go-getter you were born to be. Lean in! Now is the perfect time to get to work. You can help reach an even greater peak by eating energy boosting foods full of B12 or Iron. Then, hit the gym and get those reps in. Moving your body will help your mind reach even greater heights. Whatever it is that speaks to you, throw yourself into it. Work on that creative project, face that challenge, there's nothing you can’t do.

Ovulation 💥

You’re stuck right in the middle of your cycle, but your productivity doesn’t have to stay stuck with you. Your estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak this week, so you should begin to feel an outward, focused and bright energy. That networking event you’ve been putting off? Go NOW. You’re in your most extroverted time, and likely will be the life of the work-party. 

The Luteal Phase 🐌

The luteal phase is often met with low energy due to a rapid spike and quick decrease in levels of estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone usually comes with a calming effect, so you’ll notice your mind begin to settle down with ease. Productivity levels are low, it’s never been a better time to unapologetically wind down. Take some time for the simple tasks, save the big stuff for later. Your time will come again. Rest. 

While PMS doesn’t come with the best reputation, there are some silver linings.

Try to welcome your period and all its side effects as a sign of good health. Your cycle is a sign that your body is working.

Plus, by tracking your cycle, you may even find opportunities to understand and optimize the various ways it impacts your life.