Introducing Period Predictions!

Introducing period predictions, our newest feature requested by the Aavia community 🤩! 

We've always said that hormones impact more than your period - from mood, sleep, skin, sex drive, and more. Aavia members log the most the week before and during their period, so we’re excited to be able to now give you the fullest look into your entire cycle. 

Our members are so excited! Here’s what they had to say about period predictions:

Two Aavia users asked for a one-stop shop app where they receive period predictions 🔮 AND educational content .🏫

A pizza enthusiast wanted to know when she should “order a pizza in” 🍕instead of going out to the bar.

One user explained how she has PMS the week before her period and wants predictions to know when to take the time to rest 🛏️ and account for her symptoms!

“I think it would be super helpful if Aavia had a feature where it would tell us when our next period will be, that’s what I really need honestly bc I cannot afford to ruin anymore panties  lmfao it’s very expensive”

“My menstrual cycle affects my mood extremely. Every month my mental health is very bad the week(s) before my period and I know it is related to the phase of my cycle” 

“I would honestly love this app even more if it had predictions! It’s not a want it’s a need!

 Two minutes of logging a day is all it takes to unlock personalized predictions into your cycle, whether that is to stock up on Advil, cancel plans, or make a cup of your favorite tea. The more you log, the smarter your predictions get! 

Get started on your cycle syncing journey by downloading or updating your Aavia app!