Plan your life around your cycle: the Aavia Planner is live!

Everyone is talking about hormone health. Everyone wants to figure out how to optimize their lives around their hormone cycles, but no one knows how or where to start. Aavia’s Planner is here to make it easy to plan your workouts, meals, social time, and more around your cycle, so you can focus on the things you love and enjoy.

We couldn’t have done this without our Aavia members. They have been so generous with their feedback and encouragement, telling us exactly what they want to see for the future of Aavia. 

"We talk with our members every day in the Aavia community forum, in our DMs, and in user interviews so we can build a product that they need and love. This has allowed us to truly understand their pain points and build a brand that looks and speaks like them." - Aagya Mathur, Aavia Co-Founder & CEO

When surveyed, 90% of our Aavia members told us that they wanted to know when to workout and what to eat to feel their best throughout their hormone cycles. “Our hormone cycle not only impacts your mood and energy levels, but also your body’s ability to build muscle and recover from injuries. It’s important to work out according to your cycle and support your body with foods that fuel you” says Aya Suzuki, Co-Founder and Head of Design and Experience at Aavia. “ We’re so excited to release this new feature to bring more energy into your life.” 

What you’ll find in the Planner:

Your hormones impact everything. But how do you know when to schedule a high intensity or low intensity workout, or when to rest? What should you eat to help cramps, or support your changing energy levels? The Planner allows you to see when and why different exercises and foods are helpful to your body, making it easy to plan ahead and feel your best! Productivity, social, travel, and sexy time recommendations coming soon too… 👀 Unlock more in the app.

How do I join?

Make sure you have the most updated version of the app, and subscribe from the Planner tab! Our VIP membership gives you access to personalized workout and nutrition recommendations, exclusive access to our members-only VIP channel, and more.

HAPPY CYCLE PLANNING! Have questions? Email with questions 🤸‍♀️