Hormonal is Human: It’s More Than Just Your Period

With my co-founders and our entire team, I am honored and excited to share the official launch of Aavia today!


Calling everyone with a uterus. Scientific research shows that depending on where you are in your ~21-35-day hormone cycle, changes in hormone levels affect everything from your zits to your ZZZ’s, and anxiety to quality of muscle toning. All. Month. Long. Yes, hormonal is human.

TL;DR our hormone cycles impact more than periods and fertility.


Aavia is a trusted hormone health brand born out of a shared frustration around the taboo and ignorance surrounding hormone cycles, and, dare I say, the power of them. Hormonal is not only human but also deeply personal - for us, it meant everything from missed periods and missed pills, to migraines and sleepless nights.

That’s why my co-founders and I had to find answers for ourselves, and now we’re building the technology and an inclusive community to help you do the same, without having to dig through scientific papers. Understanding your personal hormone health is the secret to turning your hormone cycle into your superpower.

The catch: Not everyone has the exact same cycle. You may have anxiety days 7-10 of your cycle, while others may feel no change. Or you may have higher energy days 12-16 of your cycle, while others may feel no change. To really understand your body and how your hormone cycle impacts you, you have to listen, track, and act according to what makes sense for you.

IMAGINE what you can do with this knowledge about yourself ー from planning your studying schedule based on when you’re the most productive so you can ace that test, to knowing when you need to take a mental break before the breakdown happens.

Aya, my cofounder, now knows when to get more rest and eat healthier to avoid that debilitating migraine each month!

HORMONAL IS OFTEN IGNORED (and we’re here to change that)

Our team is unapologetic about our hormones. We’re not afraid to start necessary and long-overdue conversations about them. We’ve created a space for people with uteruses to talk, and learn and optimize the power of the their hormone cycle, all month long. Why? Because everything from the length of our work days to the efficacy of our drug treatments are disproportionately based on a population that excludes our experience. Aavia is here to shift the focus of the conversation to people that look and feel like you.


At Aavia, we’re here to help you understand your hormone cycle and personalize what you can do about it—so that you have the tools to be in control of your body and your life. Every single day. We’re doing that with education, technology, and community, and this is just the start.

Our members report an 84% increase in confidence in their health journey after three weeks.

The Aavia app supports you to:

  • track: changes you notice in your skin, mood, sex drive and more throughout your cycle, not just right before and during your period
  • visualize: what the cyclical trends look like for YOU all month long
  • receive: personalized actions to take based on your cyclical trends. You’ll receive these from day one and they only get smarter the more you log!
  • engage: in the buzzy community of members and medical experts to share stories, ask questions, and laugh at memes
  • learn: from short videos and blurbs personalized to you and your health journey. Imagine the hormone health side of TikTok [Check out #hormonoscope and #hormonalishuman on TikTok!]

And it gets better – if you’re on the birth control pill (hormones!) for any reason at all, my cofounder Alexis invented a smart case that knows if you have taken the pill by your daily set time and reminds you until you actually do. It syncs seamlessly with our app (Bluetooth, baby!) and improves your pill taking habits too, reducing the impact of hormone droughts and surges that come from missing pills. For those on the pill, our members report a 113% increase in consistency and 30% decrease in stress about the pill thanks to our smart case.

We love to see it. Peep how our smart case works on TikTok 👇 


Aavia Smart #birthcontrolpill Case + App tracks your pills for ya! Repost since TikTok won’t allow us to share orig 😣 #fyp #birthcontrolcheck #HowTo

♬ Lottery - K CAMP


Hormones don’t discriminate and neither do we. Aavia is for anyone with a uterus, regardless of how you identify or what pronouns you use. We’re ready to welcome you to the Aavia community with open arms.

We’re incredibly focused on providing the best member experience possible, and building what you want and need, by speaking directly with you. Personalization is the name of the game at Aavia. From personalizing your avatar in the app, to receiving suggestions and education back based on your health journey and what you log. The more you share (always private! see 👇), the more actionable and relevant information you get back.

We know that it’s your body, your business so we will never share or sell your personal health data to anyone. Period. That’s our guarantee to you.


This is only the beginning of our journey. We’re helping more and more people understand the role hormones play in how their bodies function, and how understanding their hormones can help them optimize their life in a world where that hasn’t been a focus.

We also recognize that our bodies and minds have to work in harmony, and we’re just getting started in providing you the tools you need to continue to build that harmony. A SINCERE THANK YOU to our members who are already on this journey with us, you have been a driving force in building the Aavia of today. I look forward to the new faces and voices who will join us in breaking the stigma, and embracing our wonderful, powerful, hormonal-selves.

Have a story you want to share? Have questions? Join us in the community in the Aavia app! Right now we’re only on iOS, but we’re expanding quickly!