We're Partnering with 776!

We're excited to announce our partnership with Alexis Ohanian, Katelin Holloway, and Seven Seven Six. Together, we will scale our hormone health platform and expand our predictive insights for people with ovaries. Their passion for hormone health, product expertise, and consumer insights will accelerate how we build and grow the platform. 

Hormonal health has been an underserved market for too long. 776 is proud to partner with a company like Aavia that is working to close the knowledge gap on hormonal health for people with ovaries.” - Katelin Holloway, Founding Partner, Seven Seven Six


Aavia is a first-to-market hormone health brand born out of a shared frustration around the taboo and ignorance surrounding hormones. Our mission is personal – we were sick of dealing with painful periods, migraines, lost vision, and sleepless nights. 

We’re on a mission to help people connect the dots between their hormones and how they feel.

My co-founders and I had to find answers for ourselves, and now we’re building the technology and community to help you do the same, without having to dig through scientific papers like we had to. We’re here to help our members turn their hormones into their superpowers. How? 

Aavia helps members understand the connection between their brain, body, and hormones by:

  • Predicting changes to their mood, sleep, skin, and sex drive throughout their hormone cycle with Aavia’s personalized insights. On day 1, Aavia members unlock their first hormonoscope, and Aavia only gets smarter and more personalized from there.
  • Providing recommendations & tips on what they should do based on where they are in their hormone cycle and what they’ve logged in the past.
  • Visualizing changes to their mood, skin, sex drive, and sleep throughout their hormone cycle. 
  • Connecting with their peers in the secure and anonymous forum, where members are supporting each other and talking sex, periods, hormones, relationships, and more.
  • Reminding smart pill case users to take their pills on time, every single day. Our pill case users report a 156% increase in consistency and 30% decrease in stress about the pill, thanks to the Aavia smart case and app! Peep how our smart case works on TikTok.
  • Protecting their valuable health information through our secure interface. View our privacy pledge to you, along with our formal privacy policy

Our model is resonating: Aavia members report an 80% increase in confidence in their health after just three weeks. 


Ovarian hormone health has been largely ignored and most health research has been done on white males. By focusing on hormone health, we’re boldly unlocking the next generation of health insights for everyone with ovaries. We're building the largest, most diverse dataset on ovarian hormone health, bridging the connection among physical, hormonal and emotional health as never done before.


A SINCERE THANK YOU to our members who are already on this journey with us. Your feedback, comments, and support have been a driving force in building the Aavia of today. We can’t wait to welcome new faces and voices into our community of happy, hormonal humans.
Want to learn how your hormones are impacting you and what to do about it? Have a story you want to share? Have questions? Join us in the Aavia app!

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