The Best Birth Control Pill For You: A Guide

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The Different Kinds of Birth Control 

These are called monophasic pills because they have the same level of hormones in your active weeks.

This is the multiphasic pill. This means every week in your active pills, there are different levels of hormones in them, so that's why they’re different colors. Some people prefer this because it mimics the natural hormone fluctuations that your body has.

Not all pill brands have a full week of sugar pills or placebo pills. You can see here there's only four placebo pills here and only two here. Some people like this because you get a shorter period!

And if you really hate having your period like I do, you can have an extended cycle pack, where you have 12 full weeks of active pills and only in your 13th week do you have your placebo week. So you only have your period every 3 months!

The best part is that all these pills work with Aavia’s Smart Birth Control Pill Case!