Do Birth Control and PMS Play Nice?

With PMS (premenstrual syndrome) being linked to fluctuations in hormones, and the pill itself containing hormones, it’s good to know how these two play together. The hormones specific to PMS are associated with the ovulation phase of your cycle. This is roughly about halfway through when estrogen and progesterone levels fall. This fluctuation ultimately influences serotonin levels, which are responsible for mood, sleep, appetite, and more. There are two ways that this can go:

👇 The Pill Lessens (or Even Eliminates) PMS

You may find that the pill alleviates your bloating, tender breasts, and even mood swings. If you take the continuous kind, the one without a placebo week, it’s possible with the elimination of your period that you will also eliminate PMS symptoms. 

☝️ The Pill Heightens PMS 

On the other hand, a hormonal birth control may actually increase the frequency and severity of your mood swings. 

If you fall into the second scenario, know that you should not have to sacrifice the quality of your mood to use birth control. Download an app like Aavia to keep a clear view of how your mood is shifting throughout your cycle, and speak with your doctor. You have options.