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Aavia Smart Pill Case in Shimmer.
Aavia - $7/mo (pre-launch discount), billed every 6 months - Aavia

Worry about #1LessThing

"So Much More Than An Alarm!"

App Feature Highlights

⏰ Reliable Birth Control Pill Reminders

Simple alarms just don't seem to work for ya? Been there, done that! Aavia knows to keep reminding you with customizable reminders until you’ve actually taken your pill and not to send reminders if you’ve already taken it.

πŸ’Š Automatic Pill Logging

You'll never have to worry about when you took your last pill, or how many you have left in the month ever again.

✍️ Health Journal

Jot down your period, mood, skin, symptoms and more! We check in with you daily and help raise awareness of how you actually feel.

πŸ“ˆ Real-time Data & Insights into Your Emotional Wellness

Read tips and tricks on managing your period cycle – and feel happier and more confident!

πŸ”„ Cycle Plan

We help you create a personalized Cycle Plan based on your health tracking. Tracking an awful lot of negative moods the week before your period? We’ll spot out your patterns and send you tailored meditations, food, and exercise tips to help YOU live your best self. 

πŸ“š Personalized Content

Get hormone health videos and short articles, all reviewed by our medical experts. 

🍎 Apple Health Integration

See your daily steps taken directly in Aavia!

πŸ‘―β€ Community Forums

Talk to other Aavia members and health experts by posting anonymously on our forums on all things birth control, sex ed, and hormones.


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