The New Aavia Smart Case + App

Introducing the new Aavia birth control pill smart case + app that learns and improves your pill-taking habits

At Aavia, we’re elevating how people think about the birth control pill so we can feel better about our bodies, starting with the people who use it.

We know that being on the pill involves much more than just taking a pill once a day. Along with it comes daily stress and anxiety around losing or forgetting your pill pack, scheduling gynecologist appointments just to renew your prescription, managing that massive pimple on your chin, and finding clean underwear — just to name a few.

Being on the pill affects the kind of day you’re having and the body you’re living in.

You’re Not Alone — The Pill Stresses People Out

Let’s talk about real people with real numbers:

What these leading numbers don’t show is that when it comes to provoking stress and anxiety, birth control pills repeatedly top the list. And it’s with good reason.

Our team has over spent two years designing and testing the Aavia smart case + app based on input and data from hundreds of people on their birth control pill regimens, pressing needs, pain points, and what they truly WANT out of a pill. Because we all deserve a chance to take better care of ourselves.

Our Solution

We’ve designed the Aavia smart case + app that learns and improves your pill-taking habits to actually change the birth control pill experience for everyone.

Aavia’s smart case is built with patent-pending sensors that detect your pill count and position. The case connects seamlessly to Aavia’s health and wellness mobile app, combining automated reminders and personalized record-keeping to track your pills and your overall health, allowing you to focus on your careers, hobbies, family, self — your life.

We’re putting You First by continuing to improve Aavia’s solution. It’s you who led us to this solution, the people who inspire us every day, and we are committed to keeping you close throughout our journey.

We’re honored to share Aavia’s new look and feel, expanded line of case colors, and even more features to serve your daily health.


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