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Aavia is for everyone. We thrive on inclusivity and we aim to make sure that no one feels left out on the basis of their identity, sexuality, or anything else. Are you transitioning and you want to find out how your hormones are affected? Are you wondering how to practice safe sex as a lesbian couple? Whatever it is, we’ll answer it for you!
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Trans Hormones

Hormonal health is important for all genders. MTF or FTM hormone replacement therapies causes changes in hormone levels — especially sex hormones.

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Safe Sex

Practicing safe sex will not only protect you from unplanned pregnancies and STIs, but also make sex more enjoyable! The first step to safe sex is using protection (condoms & dental dams) even if you’re on the pill or any other form of contraception.

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Gender Dysphoria

Sex and gender are completely different. A person’s biological sex based on their reproductive organs at birth does not equate to their gender. Gender dysphoria refers to the feeling of uncertainty around gender identity vs. biological sex.

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