What is hormone health?


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98% of people think their hormones only affect their periods and zits. That means 98% of people have been kept in the dark and aren’t taking advantage of the benefits their hormones can bring. Depending on where you are in your 21-35 day hormone cycle, hormones affect your moods, creativity, skin, muscle tone and so much more on various days, not just before or during your period, but all month long. Yes, even if you skip your period.

What 98% of people think their hormones are like:

What they *typically* are

Medically reviewed by Dr. Uma Lerner

But there’s a catch: not everyone has this *exact* cycle. You may have immense anxiety days 7-10 of your cycle, while others may feel no change. To really understand your body and your hormones, you have to listen, track, and act according to what makes sense for you.

We’re here to help you understand your cocktail of hormones and personalize what to do about it—so that you have the tools to be in control of your body and your life. Every single day. 

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