Aavia is a smart pill case and app that learns and improves your pill-taking habits. You simply place your regular pill pack inside the case, which seamlessly connects to your Aavia app via Bluetooth.

The Aavia case knows the number of pills in your pack and when you take your pill, so it only sends a reminder to your app if you haven’t taken your pill for the day, and will keep sending reminders until you actually take it.

The app automatically records what time you take the pill so you can visualize how you’re managing your birth control pills over time. We’re also regularly rolling out new features that allow you to gain personalized insights about your hormonal cycle over time with use!

Aavia Insiders is our group of beta testers! All you have to do is provide weekly feedback on the beta prototype that we’ll send you for free! Feedback is usually through forms or calls with our co-founders. We ask for this because we know that Aavia will only get better and stronger by working with real people like you! Aavia has been designed by users like you to make sure it’s what you want and need! If you can’t wait until later this year to receive Aavia, we highly recommend you join!


Yes, your Aavia case does not always have to be near your Aavia app to work! The Aavia case has its own local memory, so every time you take a pill, it records the time and syncs with the app once your pills close to your phone again. It’s Bluetooth, baby!

Currently it is only compatible with iOS, but we’re working hard on the Android version soon! Subscribe on our website to be the first to know when the Android app will come out!

Aavia is not a brand of birth control, but a smart case that holds your existing pack so you can take it on time, every time!


Aavia is $5/month for the smart case + app! As an early adopter, we’ll lock in this limited time price for you for life!

Right now we only have one pricing model to keep things simple, and this is the one that most users were receptive to. We may offer different annual plans in the future, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you posted!

Shipping & Orders

You can always email, text, or call your personal Aavia Advisor to check, update or cancel your order. If you don’t know who your Aavia Advisor is, you can email team@aavia.io and your Aavia Advisor will reach out to you directly.

You can always email, text, or call your personal Aavia Advisor to make changes to your account. If you don’t know who your Aavia Advisor is, you can email team@aavia.io and your Aavia Advisor will reach out to you directly.

We’re working hard to bring you You can always email, text, or call your Aavia Advisor to help you out, or email team@aavia.io.

Free shipping, always!

Only the US, at this time.

Our goal is for Aavia to be covered by insurance for all people who take the Pill and we will continue to work hard towards making that happen. Unfortunately it is a long process with lots of red tape, so Aavia is currently not covered by insurance.

If you’d like to help, please consider sending us a statement and permission to share it with healthcare stakeholders at team@aavia.io. Also, you can reach out to your health insurance provider and submit a request to cover the Aavia smart pill case + app because this is something you need.

Please contact us at team@aavia.io to request a refund relating to the smart case. Refunds will be made in the form of the original payment.

If your smart case is defective, you can ship it back to us at the address below using any trackable method (you’ll pay for shipping). Once we receive your package and determine that it is defective, we will promptly process a refund in accordance with this policy. Please include the following information with your return:

  • Your name and billing address
  • The name, address, and ZIP code of the person who placed the order, if it was a gift
  • The date of the original purchase

Aavia’s return address is:
Aam Care, Inc. (dba Aavia)
19 Morris Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Aavia is $5/month! When you purchase Aavia, you will be charged $5.00 immediately to secure your special pre-launch price and then you will be charge your subscription fee of $5/month once you receive your case. As an early adopter, you lock in this limited time price for life!

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