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Cycle Phases

When was the last time you actually learned about the phases of your cycle? Elementary school? High school? Never? Understanding your cycle is key. To give you the basics, you have your actual period, your follicular phase, your ovulation phase, and your luteal phase. Understanding when these are happening can help you get a better grip of your energy levels, your mood, your focus, and so much more! For example, you might be a varsity athlete trying to figure out when your energy levels are the highest or you’re a student trying to understand why your productivity has been low. Whatever the case is, Aavia has you covered!
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Menstruation is the medical term for your period — the part of your menstrual cycle when you’re actually bleeding.

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Ovulation occurs before menstruation in the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, an egg is released by the ovaries. The egg can be fertilized and lead to pregnancy or be unfertilized and shed in the form of your period.

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Missed Period

A missed period doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. It can be an early sign of hormonal disorders like PCOS, your body getting adjusted to birth control, and so much more.

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