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Here at Aavia we refuse to shut up about our hormones. After years of migraines and missed pills, unexpected periods and unexplained anxiety, rouge zits and random sleepless nights, we needed answers about the misunderstood symptoms of our hormone cycles. So, we went and found them.


We made hormone health better for ourselves, and now we’re making it better for everyone else—because we believe in a hormone journey that’s more open, accessible and actionable. 

Hormonal is human and at Aavia we’re here to help you live your best, hormonal life.

Meet the Hormone-Whisperers

Cofounder & CEO
Aagya Mathur (she/her)
Slayed at UVA and MIT Sloan, but somehow never managed to take her pill on time 🤔 (read: unexpected periods & whacky symptoms)
Cofounder & Hardware CTO
Alexis Wong (he/him)
Hardware genius who built a tesla coil when he was 16 and was granted his first patent when he was 22 🤯
Cofounder & Head of Design & Experience
Aya Suzuki (she/her)
Suffered from menstrual ocular migraines during her engineering & design undergrad days at MIT, but now knows how to mitigate them (thanks to Aavia 😉)
Chief Marketing Officer
Alaina Andreozzi (she/her)
10 years of experience taking Fortune 500 companies and start up brands from 0 to 100. Here to make Aavia THE expert in hormone health 🚀
Content Marketing Lead
Erin Pettis (she/her)
Former sex ed teacher, current marketer for brands like Planned Parenthood and Zocdoc. Life moves in funny ways, right?
Social Manager
Maya Foxall (she/her)
She's tackled period poverty and community building with companies like Geneva and PERIOD, and now she's behind Aavia's viral TikToks and Instagrams. Is there anything she can't do?
Business Operations
Ashley Preston (she/her)
BizOps whiz with a passion for surfing (SoCal peeps wya?), community, and strictly non-fiction books. Also a big big BIG fan of Gen Z :)
Head of Mobile
Kieran Brown Aavia Senior iOS Engineer
Kieran Brown (he/him)
Published in astronomy, biology, and chemistry, and now using his extensive sw developing experience to create the ultimate user experience for Aavia members 🙌
Supply Chain & Operations Manager
Jasmine Zinnerman (she/her)
Mom of 1, Army Veteran with almost two decades in the game of Supply Chain and Logistics. She uses Aavia to help her stay on track of her hormones to keep medical issues at bay and in check.
Senior iOS Engineer
Aleksey Shevchenko (he/him)
Software engineer with 14 years of development of scalable systems (mostly using C# and Swift) and mobile applications both from scratch and diving in an existing codebase, 6 years of experience as iOS developer.
Senior iOS Engineer
Salome Tsiramua (she/her)
iOS Engineer
Ivan Hozeev (he/him)
iOS Enginner and Head of Memes. Hard dance music obsessed. Senior shawarma killer.

Meet our Advisors

Dr. Staci Tanouye, MD, FACOG (she/her)
Superhuman mom, OB/GYN, viral TikToker, AND Aavia medical advisor. You can find her in the Aavia community forums, answering your most pressing questions!
Reproductive Psychiatrist
Reproductive Psychiatrist
Dr. Uma Lerner, MD (she/her)
Badass board-certified psychiatrist with a special focus on women’s mental health. Here to help you unlock the connection between your mental health and hormones!
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