Aavia vs. Flo: Which is the Better Cycle Tracking App for You?

Aavia vs. Flo: Which is the Better Cycle Tracking App for You?

02 August 2022

If you have ovaries , you likely track your cycle and your period (if you have one) in some way, shape, or form. 🗓️Our phones make it convenient to track our periods, but some of us may still rely on our good old memory. (Yikes!)

The point is, how we track doesn’t matter but why we track does. For some, tracking our cycle means gaining insight into our fertile window, if the goal is pregnancy. For others, tracking their cycle helps them gain insight on how often they’re getting their periods, especially if they don’t get “regular” periods.

There are an overwhelming number of period tracking apps, and many of them claim to be the best one. The truth is … “best” is a subjective term. The best app is the one that aligns the most with your goals.

One of the most popular period tracking apps out there right now is Flo Tracker– you’ve definitely heard of them before! How does Aavia compare to Flo? Which option is better for you? We’ve laid it all out for you below. 🩸

What is Aavia?

Aavia is more than just a period tracking app. It’s a holistic hormone wellness app! Let us explain.

The Aavia app allows you to log bleeding, spotting, and your period! However, we’re more focused on helping you unlock your holistic hormonal insights. We help you track your entire cycle, and not just what pertains to your period. This includes your mood, skin, sex drive, and both physical and psychological symptoms. Once you start logging consistently, Aavia uses this info to give you personalized and actionable insights that empower you to live your best life.🥳

For example, let’s say you’ve logged that you’ve been fatigued for the last two days. Aavia uses this information, along with which day of your cycle we predict you to be on, to give you an actionable insight, such as “take Vitamin B6”. Even better, we’ll give you a mini deep dive into the science behind it. If you’re short on time, you can opt to read the one-sentence highlight instead!

Aavia doesn’t stop there. If you’re on the pill, we help you make sure that you take it on time too!! Phone-based reminders are finicky - sometimes the alarm doesn’t go off on time, or you hit snooze and forget to go back and actually take the pill. 💊 Our smart birth control pill case can detect when you’ve removed your pill card from the case. This means we’ll know if you actually took your pill for the day, and keep reminding you until you do! Cool, right?!

Who is Aavia for?

Aavia was made for Gen Z. When Aavia was founded, many period-tracking apps were only focused on helping you track the days you spent bleeding. Many of these apps were restrictive, and there wasn’t much variety in the symptoms they were allowing you to log. A lot of symptoms on the app were geared towards analyzing fertility windows and ovulation, not holistic health.

Aavia, however, was created for the modern Gen Z with ovaries. 🫶We want to help you understand how your brain, body, and hormones work together, so you can feel your best.

One thing that makes us unique is our Hormonoscope feature. No, that wasn’t a typo! Imagine if we replaced the astrology behind horoscopes with where you are in your hormone cycle instead … that’s what a hormonoscope is. The more consistent you are with logging , the better we can predict your hormonoscope for that day. 🌟

For example, let’s say we predict that you’re on Day 11 of your cycle when estrogen levels tend to peak. We know that estrogen improves clarity and productivity, so we might tell you to double down on any important pending tasks that require deep focus. It’s all about empowering you to be the best version of yourself, babyyy.

OBVIOUSLY, we’re writing an unbiased comparison here, so let’s talk about Flo.

What is Flo Tracker?

Flo has gained popularity as the go-to ovulation and period tracker, as well as a pregnancy assistant app. They’ve invested in the app’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) to give you precise period and ovulation predictions,allowing you to track more than 70 different symptoms!

Like Aavia, they give you personalized insights. Flo Premium members can engage in virtual conversations and peruse educational courses to improve their symptoms. These courses cover topics like “Acne-Free Living”, “Getting Pregnant 101”, and “Reduce Stress Through Meditation”. Their educational content is extensive and offered in various formats, like articles, videos, and podcasts ✍️.

Flo also has a community section on their mobile application where users can ask sensitive questions in different threads and forums. If it helps you feel more comfortable, you can engage these discussions anonymously - a feature that Aavia offers as well.

The tl;dr is Flo is comparable in many ways, but where it really gets different is in its target audience.

Who is Flo for?

Flo was created with the end goal of pregnancy in mind🫄. If you’re looking for an app that will give you the most precise period and ovulation predictions, Flo really does take the cake 🎂. They have marketed themselves as a pregnancy assistant app, and even offer a “Pregnancy Mode,” which claims to provide you with precise insights and daily content from medical experts.

Flo’s Health Assistant also offers you the choice to input a specific goal. The app will provide insights that are highly relevant to this goal, so you’re on the best path to achieving it.

Flo has honed in on the science behind periods. As a result, they are able to help you achieve very specific goals you may have in mind when it comes to your period.


The purpose of this blog was not to tell you that one is better than the other. Like we said at the start, it’s all subjective. What we can say, objectively, is Aavia is meant for Gen Z. We know that Gen Z values holistic and preventative health, and we also know that they love to be aware and informed. If this sounds like you, give us a try! We’re available for iOS devices right now, and before you ask, yes, we are working on getting an Android version out ASAP!

Happy tracking! 💜

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