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🏷️ Period 🏷️ Workout
How to Use Your Period to Your Athletic Advantage
Learn how professional athletes are tracking their cycles to optimize their physical performance 💪
🏷️ Fertility 🏷️ Pill
Does the Birth Control Pill affect fertility?
Dr. Lerner answers one of our most requested Qs: Does the Birth Control Pill affect fertility?
🏷️ Pill
Birth Control Pill: Benefits beyond preventing pregnancy
Dr. Lerner breaks down the benefits of the Birth Control Pill besides preventing pregnancy
🏷️ Hormones
Blame your hormones
5 surprising health issues that you can blame your hormones for
🏷️ Pill
The best birth control pill for you: a guide
The best birth control pill for you: a guide
🏷️ Period
The delicate dance of period and poop 💩

Hygiene tips for everything down there during your period

🏷️ Food 🏷️ Period
We're just going to say it: Caffeine isn't great for your period

Learn why caffeine, as good of a friend as it may seem, can actually be worsening your period symptoms

🏷️ Period
💩 changes during your period and it's totally normal.

Learn why your poop changes during your period

🏷️ Anxiety 🏷️ Mood
Anxiety has its weaknesses ;)

Use your breath to kill anxiety

🏷️ Period 🏷️ Sleep
You’re feeling veeeery sleeeepy, and it might be because of your period

It's not uncommon for people to feel extra tired during their period 😴

🏷️ Mood 🏷️ PMDD
PMDD may be bringing you down

Learn how PMDD is different from PMS