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🏷️ Hormones 🏷️ Skin
Your Skin on Hormones

How your skin changes with your cycle and how to fight (or embrace!) hormonal breakouts

🏷️ Hormones 🏷️ Skin
Why No One, Not Even Beyoncé, Can Avoid Acne

How your hormone levels impact the rise and fall of acne

🏷️ Hormones
Creativity During Your Cycle

How estrogen levels impact your creativity throughout your cycle

🏷️ Food 🏷️ Period
Your Menstruation Menu
What to eat and drink to keep your energy up and fight symptoms during menstruation
🏷️ History
What Does Feminism Even Mean Anymore?
Learn about the 4 waves of feminism and take a look back at the century-long fight for equality
🏷️ History
From Slavery to Healthcare, America Continues to Fail Black Women
Learn the history of medical racism and how to fight it
🏷️ Period 🏷️ Workout
How to Use Your Period to Your Athletic Advantage
Learn how professional athletes are tracking their cycles to optimize their physical performance 💪
🏷️ Birth Control 🏷️ Fertility
Does the Birth Control Pill Affect Fertility?
Dr. Lerner answers one of our most requested Qs: Does the Birth Control Pill affect fertility?
🏷️ Birth Control
Birth Control Pill: Benefits Beyond Preventing Pregnancy
Dr. Lerner breaks down the benefits of the Birth Control Pill besides preventing pregnancy
🏷️ Hormones
Blame Your Hormones
5 surprising health issues that you can blame your hormones for
🏷️ Birth Control
The Best Birth Control Pill For You: A Guide
The best birth control pill for you: a guide