Introducing Aavia: White Rabbit Edition 🐇

We finally did it. Our biggest drop yet.

Introducing our latest Aavia case: White Rabbit Edition. Check out at this beauty 😩

Aavia smart birth control pill cases pink background

Aavia smart birth control pill case

Photo: Maya Fuhr (@mayafuhr)

For those of you who are new here: hello and welcome 👋 The Aavia case is a smart birth control pill case that automatically tracks what time you took your pill and syncs that time to our iPhone app via Bluetooth. The case works with any kind of birth control pills, as long as it comes in a rectangular pack. Aavia members are 2x better at taking the pill with the case, so if you struggle with taking the pill as much as we did pre-Aavia, check us out.

For those of you who’ve been with us: thank you. Seriously. So many of you have asked about and patiently waited for this new case, so we’re so excited to finally get this over the finish line, to you. 

Designed by you 💜

We started designing the White Rabbit case last year by first asking you what you’d like to see in our new case. In a poll that received over 100 responses overnight (bless you all for responding to polls at 2am), most of you listed durability as the most important attribute for this case:

Aavia smart birth control pill case poll

We then worked alongside our product designers at Impel Studios (shoutout to Matt, Stephen, Gaz & Tim) to create several iterations of the case:

 Aavia Impel sketch

Aavia Impel sketch

Sketches: Impel Studio

After hours of sketching, rendering, video-calling members, and collecting your feedback, we finalized on what we have now: a simple slide-in case with a protective outer shell that you can swap out whenever you feel like it.  

Manufacturing vs. the pandemic 🥊

Since we started manufacturing in the middle of a pandemic (cue: “We’re All In This Together”), we faced a ton of challenges, including, but sadly not limited to: 

  • worldwide chip shortages
  • slow shipping
  • not being able to travel to our manufacturers to look at samples in-person
  • taking WEEKS 💀 to decide on whether we should go with bright white or brilliant white (due to my indecisiveness, not the pandemic but still)
  • ... you name it. 

It was difficult to say the least, but here are a few of our top milestones.

The finalized CAD model of our case, beautifully sculpted by Impel: 

Aavia CAD model

The first injection molded case that our manufacturers showed via video on our weekly 9:30pm meetings that I frantically took a screenshot of: 

Aavia showing case

The first sample we received in hand, which took us ~6 months of testing, sampling and small production runs:

Aavia first prototype

I still remember the excitement that our entire team felt when seeing the first injection molded parts, which looks and feels better than anything a 3D printer can create. Honestly, we cried.

The 🆙grades 

So, what’s different about this new case? Here’s a breakdown:

Aavia upgrades

TL;DR: the case is all-around better 

The buzz 🐝

We sent the newest case to a select few of you and this is what you said: 

Aavia user review

Aavia coolest shit ever

We hope the rest of you like it as much as they/we do 💜

What’s next?

This is just the beginning - keep an eye out for an iridescent case dropping later this year 👀 We’re also taking in requests for different colors and textures - slide into our DMs with your thoughts here

This case wouldn’t be possible without the help of a TON of people within and outside of Aavia. Huge shoutout to our cofounder Alexis for leading the manufacturing efforts,Impel Studio for designing the case, and more importantly, YOU for being part of the Aavia journey with us. Big hugs 😘