Introducing the Aavia smart case + app that learns and improves your pill-taking habits.

Do you take the pill on time, every time?


More than 50% of people don’t take the pill at the same time every day.

Also a fact:

The pill is used for a lot of reasons, and one thing they all have in common...

It works best when taken
on time.

Let’s make sure it’s working the way it should be for you. Because we could all use #1LessThing to worry about.

Case + App

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We make it easy with just two steps:


Keep your pill
pack in its new

The patent-pending sensors actually know the number and position of the pills in your pill pack.


Download the

The smart case communicates with the
pill tracker app on your phone to

  • Automatically log if you’ve taken your pill
  • Remind you when you haven’t
  • And keep reminding you until you do

Lives Made Easier

"Aavia made my pill a part of my schedule

instead of a looming scary thing."

Isidora, 22

“Shows me exactly

when I took my pill that day.”

Ina, 23

“Aavia remembers for me

when I have other things on my mind!”

Chelsea, 30

You might be thinking

Do I need to carry the pill case around with me for it to work?

Nope. Your smart pill case does not need to be with you in order to remind you. You’ll just need your app handy for that. If your app reminds you at a time when you don’t have your smart case around, you can let the app know to remind you when it’s back in range with the case.

Bluetooth, baby.

Is this a phone case?

Also, no. This is a birth control pill case with brains.

Will this work with my current pill brand?

Yes. Our product is built to work with existing pill brands on the market that come in a rectangular pill pack. We are not selling the pill, but a smart case + app to ensure it works for you.