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Track Your Hormone Cycle: Harnessing Your Unique Superpowers with Aavia

Get reminded to take your pill with our smart birth control pill case. Learn your cycle and mental health trends in our app for a happier you.

Hormones are forever, we’re your lifelong partner. Be your badass self with Aavia.

Getting your period under control? Big flex.


Getting your period under control? Big flex.


Log and Learn

Your hormones are more than your period. Track your mood, skin, symptoms and more, and receive daily action tips - personalized to you, all month long.


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Understanding, embracing, and hacking your hormones is a few clicks away. Oh, and it’s free!


Join our badass squad

Member-only events and in-app convos with our health experts pave the way for safe and honest discussions, laughs and shared learnings. Think of us as your new favorite group chat.


Level up with our smart pill case

Forget about forgetting the pill. Our smart case sends you personalized reminders when it’s time to take your birth control, until you take it, and helps you improve your routine in the app.


PSA: Periods shouldn't make you bedridden.


It’s time we befriend our period


At Aavia, we empower you with the tools to better understand and manage your period pain

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Because together, we know, you and your cycle are un-freaking-stoppable

Track with Aavia

Let’s get loud and proud about our hormones


After trial and error and many blood tests, I finally was able to level out my moods after switching to Androgel (testosterone gel) everyday. I’m happy to feel like my body is achieving some sort of homeostasis in regards to my hormones at least!


I've dealt with an undiagnosed and emotionally-triggered blood disorder, so it's very important for me to watch how my body reacts. Aavia helps with that.


I loveeeeee Aavia!!! For real!!!


The reviews are in...

I love that I can rely 100% on Aavia to log my health and remember my pill, and that my cycle data remains encrypted and safe 🙌 I also love the new app design, specifically the customizable avatar.


I love how Aavia feels like a safe space to me, on top of keeping my hormonal health in check. The community is my comfort zone, where I can ask about things surrounding my mental health & body which were totally taboo in my upbringing.


I have been using the Aavia app & smart case for 3 years and I love it because it actually keeps me on track. The app’s cool features like wellness checks and helpful tips also make it so that I look forward to taking my pill everyday!


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Reply to @gabbyxk 😉Download the app and find out for yourself! ##corvettecorvette

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